Oracle Oak Nursery

SPECIES and CULTIVARS (partial list)


Oaks section
Valley Oak foliage

VALLEY OAK (Quercus lobata):

A stately oak that is found in the central valley of California, as well as in coastal areas. It is the largest of the oaks, with many over 100 feet tall. It is deciduous and tolerant of sudden oak death.

Valley Oak tree
Oregon White Oak foliage

OREGON WHITE OAK (Q. garryana):

Native to northern California and Oregon, Q. garryana is a medium sized tree with foliage similar to valley oak. In the fall, the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and yellow.

Oregon White Oak tree
Coast Live Oak foliage

COAST LIVE OAK (Q. agrifolia):

A coastal native, coast live oak is a signature species in California. At maturity, it has a broad and rounded crown that is as wide as it is high. Leaves are cupped and have spines on the margin — looking somewhat like a holly leaf. This is an evergreen tree that needs structural pruning when young. Being in the black oak group, it is susceptible to sudden oak death.

Coast Live Oak tree

ITALIAN OAK (Q. frainetto):

Also called Hungarian oak. This is a newcomer to California landscapes, but has shown impressive performance where planted. Very attractive leaf characteristics and upright form with good branching pattern. Promising tree for streets and boulevards, as well as in parks and yards.

 Elms section
 Emerald Sunshine foliage

EMERALD SUNSHINE (U. propinqua):

Upright growing elm with dark, gloss leaves. Good tolerance of hot, dry areas. Good as shade and street tree. Height to 35 ft and spread to 45 ft. Tolerant of Dutch elm disease and phloem necrosis.

 Emerald Sunshine tree
 Redwood section
 Coast Redwood branch

COASTAL REDWOOD (Sequoia sempervirens):

A signature tree in California. Fast growing and few pest problems. Needs summer irrigation when planted away from the coast. Also, needs plenty of room! All Oracle Oak redwoods are grown from seed, not cuttings.

 Coast Redwood tree